ValEUR is aware that the number and diversity of values is large and that people have different values of different importance. Values can complement each other, overlap, and even contradict each other.

Through various activities ValEUR has the ambition of stimulating reflection in order to become aware of and live these values.

"Values create trust - trust creates values"

ValEUR commits itself to the following European values:

  • Humanistic world view
  • Tolerance
  • Peace
  • Freedom
  • Diversity
  • Sustainability


ValEUR aims to communicate these values through

  • Information
  • Emotion
  • Reflection


In this way these values can increasingly be practiced and embodied by companies, by consumers and by citizens. ValEUR creates impulses to self-responsible thinking and acting.

ValEUR's Europe extends from the Atlantic to the Urals, and from Svalbard up to the Mediterranean.

Europe is unique because of its diversity - diversity of cultures, languages, regions and also economy.